• World Artist

    International performer, wellness educator, and teacher in the art of movement and story, Zuleikha inspires dynamic creativity and rejuvenation through movement.

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  • Collaborations

    The Rumi Concert is a stunning collaboration of artists, bringing the lyrical and spiritual power of Rumi to life in a remarkably moving performance, a multidimensional feast of poetry, music, dance and story. Poet and translator Coleman Barks performs the poems of Rumi, a 13th century ecstatic poet of unparalleled lyrical and spiritual power. He is joined by storydancer,

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  • Performance

    Inspirational performing artist and storydancer, Zuleikha, a whirlwind of spirit, rhythm, and dance, transports her audiences with stories of nature, world lore and life itself.

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  • Workshops

    Zuleikha teaches transformational workshops and classes worldwide. She is well known for her Body Listening seminars.

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  • Take A Minute™

    TAKE A MINUTE™, created by Zuleikha, is a self-care action plan that only takes a minute of our busy lives.

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  • The Storydancer Project

    Founded by Zuleikha, The Storydancer Project (TSP), an international non-profit artistic health resource organization, serving girls, women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances by providing innovative Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts programs and trainings that foster and enliven greater health, resilience and leadership.

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    TSP Salutes Its Partnering Organizations





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    TSP in New Mexico Navajo Nation

    TSP Facilitator Amy Becenti recently completed spring sessions of What's In A Story, TSP's innovative learning and exercise program, in preschool and elementary classrooms in the New Mexico Navajo Nation.

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    Ms. Sandra Freeland, Principal at Twin Lakes Elementary in the community of Tohatchi, NM, has this to say about What's In A Story:

    "We are a Title I school located in a rural region of New Mexico on the Navajo Nation... The literacy program and presentation had a positive influence on the students. Engaging physical movement added to sensory learning and understanding of story as well... As a school leader I appreciate the community partnership...and the cultural sensitivity and relevance to our students."


    Core Wellness Taking Root in the Basti

    March 2015 ~ This year, our partnership with the Hope Project in the Nizamuddin Basti includes work with the Muslim women's self-help groups, trainings for the Girls Non-Formal School, sessions in the Health Clinic, and regular work with the Mobile Medical Unit.

    We are seeing results of the Core Wellness Exercise idea taking root here along with the Master Trainers program. The women being trained are beginning to understand how to teach the exercises and which exercises help for which problems. The community is beginning to see the benefits. This is really a big deal in a place like this, where self-care is not even a notion in the list of priorities.



    Rithu Bhatia Blog - The Health Muse

    Read: ZULEIKHA: An Artistic Approach to Wellness

    It’s a phone call I anticipate with excitement. When Zuleikha calls to announce her presence in Delhi, I know I can look forward to several interesting conversations and new learning, over tea and lunch. This American storyteller, dancer and healer travels to several countries to help marginalized communities with her special brand of bodywork, and always has inspiring experiences to recount.



    Here's a great new way to support The Storydancer Project AmazonSmile.

    Everything you love about, plus, with every purchase, you get to support The Storydancer Project's programs and trainings that bring greater health, resilience, self-worth and leadership to marginalized and disadvantaged communities in the US and abroad.

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