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BODYLISTENING: A Movement Awareness Practice (MAP) for Everyone
• Body Listening is a body-friendly way to explore free movement.
• The process begins on the floor, exploring your relationship with gravity, attuning to a quiet deep awareness while being held by the continuity and safety of the floor.
• Moving from the body’s felt-sense, habitual patterns unwind and new pathways open.
• The session progresses to standing and moving while maintaining connection with your inner awareness.
• In the last phase of Body Listening, full body movements through space are explored, in relationship to other people.
• Body Listening doesn’t require special training or equipment.
• It doesn’t ask you to abandon the body you have for someone else’s idea of one.
• Body Listening invites you to inhabit the body you are, and discover what unfolds from that awareness.
• It can be done by everyone, regardless of level of health or movement experience.

BODYLISTENING: Benefits for Everyone
• improved circulation
• increased range of motion in the joints
• better movement awareness
• balanced nervous system
• sensory integration
• relief from chronic patterns of holding tension in the body
• sense of well being, calm, clarity, mental refreshment and alertness
• improved awareness of thoughts, feelings, needs, wants
• emergence of new insight.
• improved foundation for connection with others
• curiosity and openness toward new ways of relating
• increased capacity for empathy toward self and other
•improved ability to express thoughts, feelings, needs and wants and engage meaningfully and authentically with others and the environment.

BODYLISTENING: What People are Saying

“I love each part…the initial exercises lead you to a gentle awakening and opening, the floor work is complete freedom and the final phase of dancing upright is a coming together of all you have been through and a celebration of gratitude and love!”

“In this time of classes…following others’ instruction, it was lovely to find my own body’s voice.”

“I liked the invitation to let the body lead – it felt so freeing.”

“My entire life I felt I was doing something wrong by listening to the voice of my own soul…It was just a beat off and I am pleased that someone is teaching to the world to think and move freely…following the beat of your own energy rather than what’s been embedded generations ago.”

“I felt deep awareness of tension I didn’t realize I was holding and the posture that I had been walking in for I don’t know how long. It was clearing, beneficial to me and my relations to others and the universe.”

“I was so glad to do your work-it was very moving and has had lasting effects.”

“…After, I felt much more awake and in tune and touch not only with my body but I understood what I was feeling too.I was at peace with my mind, body and soul.”

“the exercises showed me what I find most important and helped me listen to myself.”