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TSP News from Delhi ~ January 2015

TSP News from Delhi ~ January 2015

Director of Hope Project with Zuleikha and HP staff

January 5, 2015 - First Meeting of 2015 with Hope Project Director and Staff in Delhi, India.

Samiur Rahman, the executive director, is wonderful. He is able to to decipher each person’s code to really understand how they would like to see the Core Wellness work take place. Each woman in the meeting has her own expression and is listened to.

I am excited, as what we are planning this year will catapult us into participating in the bigger picture of this community. Here, many families are living in one room with all the children, and often no running water. To see a woman experience relief of stress and body pain through stretching and moving in a simple way is its own work of art, and a privilege.

Tomorrow I will go to CanSupport where we work with palliative cancer patients, their families, and the Home Care Teams to begin scheduling this year’s expanded programs. Will keep you posted! ~ Zuleikha

Mountains of garbage

January 8, 2015 - Boarding the Joy Train

Today, we were visiting a ‘village’ inside of the vast city of Delhi, with the Hope Project’s Mobile Health Unit. As you can see, it is built under mountains of garbage…I will be going here every week to work with the women’s groups and children’s support classes. Here we go, it starts again—the joy train!

Children’s support class

Moving together in women’s group

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February 8, 2013

Dear Friends of The Storydancer Project,

I am writing to you from Delhi, India, where it has been the coldest winter in about 40 years. Today the sun is out and there is hope for a beautiful day. Since arriving in Delhi the work has been unfolding at a non-stop pace. I had the great honor to teach at the CanSupport 12th Annual Foundation Course for Palliative Care Nurses. This took place at the All Indian Institute of Medical Services, and was attended by over 100 nurses, as well as doctors taking part in this work. We had a lively session based on the Take A Minute For Your Life™ Core Wellness Exercises, as well as some surprise moments of skipping, jumping, and moving across the floor accompanied by beautiful world music.

“Thank you for your valuable contribution to our Annual Foundation Course. It is always the most anticipated part of the programme.” – Harmala Gupta, Founder of CanSupport

Photo: TSP’s Core Wellness Trainings at the CanSupport 12th Annual Foundation Course for Palliative Care Nurses
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(New Program 2012, Kolkata, India) Trainings for young women college students to teach the TSP Core Wellness model to children of sex workers in one of the largest red light districts in the world. A collaboration with New Light Center, whose mission is to is to promote gender equality through education and life-skill training, and thereby reduce harm caused by violence and abuse to women and young children.


(New Program 2012, Kolkata, India) Zuleikha and TSP, in collaboration with The American Center, teaches and performs with high school students, mostly girls, from six city schools in Kolkata as part of “Teach Peace to Reach Peace.” This is an innovative aim to transform education that emphasizes Peace Education to help institutions shed prejudice and discrimination, and embrace tolerance and acceptance.


(Since 2008, Delhi, India). CanSupport provides support for patients living with cancer and their families. Over four years, TSP in collaboration with CanSupport has developed a dynamic palliative care training program, called RELAXATION THERAPEUTIC HEALTH EXERCISES for PALLIATIVE CARE, that encompasses specialized Core Wellness work with CanSupport patients and family members, training of CanSupport Home Care Team counselors, doctors and nurses, and supervision of fieldwork with Home Care Teams. This work uses palliative care initiatives designed by Zuleikha and TSP using the TSP Core Wellness Model, a curriculum that is now being implemented in 25 nursing colleges in Delhi.


(Since 2005, Delhi, India). TSP provides innovative palliative care programs based on TSP’s TAKE A MINUTE Core Wellness Exercise, used with patients and families living with or recovering from cancer to provide stress relief and lift spirits.


(Since 2001, Delhi, India). In collaboration with the Hope Project, which serves poor and vulnerable children and adults, TSP offers Training of Trainer programs (TOT) in children’s Core Wellness Exercise and music, Core Wellness Exercise for women, healthy lifestyle education, and self-care support for vocational training.
(Since 2001) TSP Core Wellness Exercise, Movement Arts and Music classes for children attending the Hope Project School, which serves poor and vulnerable children in the Nizamuddin Basti neighborhood of Delhi. Also provide self-care classes for women in vocational training.
(Since 2006). Spondylitis and Lifestyles Open Clinics and trainings for community women, with home visits. In partnership with Dr. Sanjuli, using Core Wellness Exercise and techniques. Also outreach through the clinic partnership participating in Community Women’s Health Home Visits.
(Since 2010) Visits to the communities outside of Delhi and basti with the Mobile Health Unit. Core Wellness exercise for better health with women and girls living in extreme poverty.
(Since 2010) TSP has provided: Training of Trainer programs in children’s exercise and music, in-home exercise for women, healthy lifestyle, and self-care support for vocational training; Women’s Vocational Exercise Programs; Core Wellness Exercise Program for the Hope Project Computer Class for Religious Leaders.
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