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BodyListening at UNM



Dear Friends, I have been invited to conduct BodyListening© MAP at the UNM Medical Group, Albuquerque, this Sunday 1-3 pm, and again in December. It is a great opportunity to move into relaxation and natural movement, from the floor to standing. No experience is necessary, and it is a fun way to spend this coming Sunday afternoon.

“I liked the invitation to make the body lead, it was so freeing.” – workshop participant

I look forward to moving into deeper awareness with you,  Also, don’t forget to join us at The Rumi Concert.  ~Zuleikha

Join ZULEIKHA in a very special movement awareness practice workshop called BodyListening©. Everyone is Welcome.

November 8, and December 5, 2015 UNM Center for LIfe, UNM Medical Group, Inc., Albuquerque, NM hosts The Body Listening© MAP Movement Awareness Practice workshop with Zuleikha. All are welcome. To Register, contact (505) 925-4551 mmhale@unmmg.org.

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BodyListening05-26-15 from Swan Lake Publishing on Vimeo.

BODYLISTENING: A Movement Awareness Practice (MAP) for Everyone
• Body Listening is a body-friendly way to explore free movement.
• The process begins on the floor, exploring your relationship with gravity, attuning to a quiet deep awareness while being held by the continuity and safety of the floor.
• Moving from the body’s felt-sense, habitual patterns unwind and new pathways open.
• The session progresses to standing and moving while maintaining connection with your inner awareness.
• In the last phase of Body Listening, full body movements through space are explored, in relationship to other people.
• Body Listening doesn’t require special training or equipment.
• It doesn’t ask you to abandon the body you have for someone else’s idea of one.
• Body Listening invites you to inhabit the body you are, and discover what unfolds from that awareness.
• It can be done by everyone, regardless of level of health or movement experience.

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