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Omega Retreat for Women Veterans

October 18 – 23, 2015
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

STRONGER TOGETHER with Laurie Leitch, Zuleikha, Chanel Best

A Retreat for Women Serving or Who Served in the Military

Course: SM15-5805-391 Tuition: $75

This women-only retreat for the military-veteran community focuses on the unique issues of women’s military service (including sexual trauma and other invisible wounds) and builds a safe, supportive environment to explore the strengths, resilience, concerns, and vulnerabilities of women who have served.

Led by military-veterans advocate Laurie Leitch, codirector of Threshold GlobalWorks; Zuleikha, founder of the Storydancer Project; and Chanel Best, a reservist and New York City police officer—the retreat provides a variety of experiential activities, including group dialogue, yoga and other restorative health practices, creative expression, and resiliency skill-building training.



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February 8, 2013

Dear Friends of The Storydancer Project,

I am writing to you from Delhi, India, where it has been the coldest winter in about 40 years. Today the sun is out and there is hope for a beautiful day. Since arriving in Delhi the work has been unfolding at a non-stop pace. I had the great honor to teach at the CanSupport 12th Annual Foundation Course for Palliative Care Nurses. This took place at the All Indian Institute of Medical Services, and was attended by over 100 nurses, as well as doctors taking part in this work. We had a lively session based on the Take A Minute For Your Life™ Core Wellness Exercises, as well as some surprise moments of skipping, jumping, and moving across the floor accompanied by beautiful world music.

“Thank you for your valuable contribution to our Annual Foundation Course. It is always the most anticipated part of the programme.” – Harmala Gupta, Founder of CanSupport

Photo: TSP’s Core Wellness Trainings at the CanSupport 12th Annual Foundation Course for Palliative Care Nurses
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The Storydancer Project (TSP), a non-profit international artistic health resource organization, serves girls, women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances by providing innovative Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts programs and trainings that foster and enliven greater health, self-esteem, resilience and leadership. TSP is a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Santa Fe, NM, which offers its programs free of charge. TSP works in partnership with organizations and communities locally and globally. We particularly focus on collaborating to create sustainable, train-the-trainer programs that provide the most effective long-term support for our partnering communities.


TSP’s Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts Model incorporates exercise, movement, rhythm, music and story to develop a resilient and enlivened sense of self, strengthen participants’ connection to their bodies and establish a sound foundation for joy and health.


TSP was created in 2001 by Zuleikha to address the lack of wellness education and resources for girls and women locally and internationally and to bring rejuvenation, leadership and self-care skills to girls, women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances such as poverty, illness, war, and natural disasters.
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Working from the heart of rhythm, Zuleikha teaches throughout the world. Zuleikha offers participants a chance to explore the open world of feeling through the physicality of movement. Using world music, chant, and poetry, a spacious atmosphere becomes an invitation to commune with one’s innermost feelings. Dance serves as a vehicle to “let go” and enter the wilderness of the spirit. Movement is a means of bringing the deepest intention into being.

Zuleikha often brings live rhythmic accompaniment to her workshops. Dance and drum share the language of rhythm. Humans participate in ceremonies with movement as a means of intensive learning and communicating with the knowings inside.

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Zuleikha is an exceptional teacher and inspires people from all walks of life. She works with healthcare practitioners, children and adults recovering from cancer, adults with mental illness, and people with difficulties in their lives. Zuleikha works with youth worldwide, offers workshops for teenage girls, and teacher trainings. She also offers specially designed programs for women, corporations, international organizations and conferences.

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